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Steve Barsh

In 2019, Dreamit Ventures wanted to find a way to share our experience and expertise with even more startups globally beyond the 20 or so healthtech and securetech startups we work with and invest in each year.

We talk to thousands of startups every year and hear so many making the same mistakes with the same misunderstandings of what they need to do to make their startups successful. Another big problem is they don’t know how to best talk about and pitch their startup. Finally, we wanted to expose key topics we felt founders needed to know that only got talked about behind closed doors between investors. We wanted to focus not only on startups getting started, but startups going from seed to Series A and later rounds.

As our ideas gelled, we were thinking about what media we wanted to use. We heard from so many that we should “start a podcast like other investors” or “everyone is blogging so we need to ‘go big’ on blogging.”


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