Sree Kotay Joins Vette as CTO


Vette, a HR technology startup announced today that technology veteran Sree Kotay has joined the team as Technical Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer (CTO). In his role, Kotay will be responsible for designing and developing future-of-work tools that provide hiring solutions for enterprise companies worldwide.

"In true recruiter fashion, I sought out Sree for the role. A powerhouse in the technology community, he's distinguished himself as a leader in product development and innovation. He has 30 years of experience in software, hardware, and services in B2B and B2C organizations and has the ability to attract and assemble a talented team, and execute on our vision," said Amber Wanner, Chief Executive Officer, Vette.

"I've always considered myself a start-up guy who happened to end up CTO at a Fortune 50 company," said Kotay. "I jumped at the opportunity to join forces with Amber because of the immediacy of the need, and opportunity in the market. Technology is transforming the workplace in some profound ways, and yet much of what we see in HR technology and the future-of-work space is digitizing the prior analog models. There is a much bigger opportunity to transform how a fluid workforce is managed, and it starts with a phenomenal whitepsace opportunity that Amber and the team at Vette have been exploring - we can't wait to blow it wide open. The future-of-work starts before you start working."

Kotay previously served as Executive VP and CTO at Comcast Cable where he managed engineering and operations for consumer products, business services and internal IT. Preceding his tenure at Comcast, Kotay served as Senior Vice President for AOL, where he led the technology development for consumer products, including AIM, ICQ, AOL Client, Search, Mail, Publishing and other products. Most recently, Kotay served as CTO at the Philadelphia-based food delivery company goPuff, a company he joined in 2017 as its first technology leader.

About Vette

Vette is an HR tool that "keeps the 'human' in 'human resources'". Much like how Uber connects drivers with riders, Vette connects candidates with Subject Matter Experts (SME) who interview them instantly when they apply. By utilizing Vette's technology and SME network, companies are able to engage, interview, and hire candidates faster than ever before. FASTER. BETTER. VETTER.

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