Transparent Health Marketplace Appoints Armando Montalvo as SVP


Armando Montalvo

PHILADELPHIA--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Transparent Health Marketplace, Inc., transformative healthcare technology company, today announced that Armando Montalvo has joined the organization as senior vice president, provider experience optimization. In his role, Montalvo is responsible for designing and delivering an unmatched and dynamic user experience and driving continued expansion of provider participation – starting in the ancillary segment of workers’ compensation. His work will ensure there is rapid injured worker access to more affordable, quality care for payors utilizing THM’s digital marketplace platform.

As the leader in the transformation of how healthcare services are sourced and delivered, THM’s end-to-end technology platform gives payors the power to directly connect to care that meets their needs while affording providers tools to access new patient opportunities and streamline administration without the traditional PPO “middleman.” To support this digital-first approach, Montalvo’s focus is on creating an intuitive journey for participating providers where their unique interests and motivations are considered across all touchpoints.

“Armando is an innovative leader who has been at the forefront of delivering tailored, highly-relevant and engaging experiences for providers in the healthcare industry,” said Munawar Ali, executive chairman of the THM board of directors. “As we lead the change from the traditional PPO network model to the marketplace model, an optimized provider experience is integral to ensuring we provide the best care to injured workers and most value to all stakeholders. Armando is uniquely qualified to execute on this exciting mission and we are honored that he has joined the THM executive team at this time.”

A veteran in understanding the voice of the provider, Montalvo has worked in both emerging and long-standing healthcare organizations for over 20 years. Serving most recently as national director of network management with Anthem Workers’ Compensation, Montalvo has a proven track record of successfully combining the power of technology, process and human support to enhance provider engagement and quality outcomes.

“I am so pleased to join THM and to be part of transforming the PPO business through a completely new and revolutionary digital solution,” said Montalvo. “THM is committed to the success of every stakeholder utilizing our marketplace platform. For our providers, this means giving them an integrated and streamlined journey that makes it easy for them to conduct business and earn on their terms.”

Montalvo holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration and management from California State University and several executive certifications from the University of Notre Dame.

About Transparent Health Marketplace

Transparent Health Marketplace (THM) operates a digital marketplace connecting payors and providers of healthcare services in an open platform featuring market-driven pricing. Replacing outmoded network contract models with its innovative marketplace approach, THM allows providers to name their price and to be paid quickly with the exact amount they bid for contracts they are awarded. Combining marketplace dynamics with automated billing, payments and scheduling, THM delivers cost savings for payors, growth opportunities for providers, and new efficiencies to the healthcare industry. For more information, visit

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