Rockstaws Launches Full-Service Agency, Elevating The Game For Black Disruptors


Rockstaws Incorporated promotes and inspires black talent, unleashing their brand potential through high-impact marketing

Rockstaws Incorporated (RSI), a full-service, black-led media agency representing ambitious athletes, artists, business professionals and entertainers, officially announces its company launch.

Led by boundary-pushing co-founders Adrian Sullivan and Sharif Finch, RSI is cultivating stronger media presence for young, underrepresented disruptors. The company’s mission is to share their stories as successful black men and women to inspire and champion other young black men and women. They believe in the power of creativity, sharing and giving back to their communities.

The brainchild of RSI was originally created at Temple University. It started as a brotherhood on the football team—every player working hard and encouraging one another to be rock stars on and off the field. That’s how the name Rockstaws Incorporated came to fruition.

Staw in Rockstaws stands for “Stay True And Win”; a motto that encompasses the group’s passion and underdog mentality. Being a Rockstaw is about living life on your own terms, achieving gratifying success and defining what you can represent for your community.

“Our work starts internally with us first,” said Finch, co-founder and CEO. “Our team of mavericks strives to achieve high levels of success individually in our respective verticals so that we can come together collectively to amplify each other’s successes.”

The RSI leadership team is comprised of Adrian Sullivan, Sharif Finch, Leon Johnson and

Sema’j Reed. Finch focuses on the company’s overall strategy and vision. Sullivan leads the branding and business operations. Johnson takes charge of external outreach endeavors and community relationship building. Reed handles internal affairs and culture.

“We want everyone we work with to have their own legs to stand on and is completely built up to be their best, most authentic self,” said Sullivan, co-founder and president. “We change the game for our clients, helping them discover who they are by reimagining their brand potential. Then, we magnify it in the most impactful way to the world.”

Aside from RSI’s service offerings, giving back to the community is a core part of their culture. The team is making meaningful philanthropic strides by offering educational workshops, connecting with local youth, and donating their time and resources. They are also hosting group therapy and mentoring sessions. It is important for the Staws to not only show their faces in the community, but to also uplift the community.

RSI is initially focused on fostering black representation in Philadelphia with plans to expand to additional markets such as New York City and throughout New Jersey. RSI’s goal is to build a dynamic network of Staws who are propped to win in their industries. They plan to make positive waves in every community they reach and with every person they connect with.

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About Rockstaws Incorporated:

Rockstaws Incorporated is a full-service, black-led media agency based in Philadelphia. We unleash our clients’ brand potential through high-impact marketing. To learn more, follow us on Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook, and visit our website at

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