Lawyers Seeking Justice For Victims Of Grenfell Tower Fire React To "Devastating" Initial Investigation Findings


The U.S.-based lawyers seeking justice for victims of the Grenfell Tower Fire today said that the findings of the official Grenfell Tower Inquiry into the disaster are "devastating and unquestionably validate our claims" regarding cause and the need to hold responsible and accountable the American companies responsible for the defective and non-compliant building materials that fueled the fatal fire.

Trial attorneys Robert J. Mongeluzzi and Jeffrey P. Goodman, of Philadelphia-based Saltz, Mongeluzzi, Barrett & Bendesky, P.C., and Mark A. DiCello and Adam J. Levitt, of Chicago-based DiCello, Levitt & Gutzler LLC, who represent the victims and their loved ones in a lawsuit filed in Pennsylvania against the companies responsible for producing the building cladding panels, insulation, and apartment fridge-freezer linked to the fire, commented today following release of the Inquiry's first report on the June 14, 2017 tragedy.

Mr. Mongeluzzi said, "The report's conclusion that the melting and burning of the polyethylene cladding not only fueled but "actively promoted" the spread of the fire, supports Plaintiffs' liability claims against manufacturer-defendant Arconic."

Mr. Goodman said, "The Inquiry's report makes clear, as we have said all along, that Arconic stands above all others in the role it played in causing this tragedy. Holding Pennsylvania-based Arconic responsible for the devastation it caused remains essential to getting justice for Grenfell's many victims."

Mr. DiCello added, "The devastation caused by this cladding, as seen in the videos of the fire, and confirmed in today's report is the very reason that cladding like this cannot be used on high rises in America and why it was grossly irresponsible for Arconic to sell it for use in London."

The named defendants in the lawsuit are incorporated and have their principal headquarters in the U.S. and two of the three have their principal places of business in Pennsylvania. They are:

  • Arconic, Inc. (and two related corporations), Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (product: Reynobond Polyethylene Cladding (PE) panels);
  • Celotex Corporation., Malvern, Pennsylvania (product: Celotex Insulation);
  • Whirlpool Corporation, Benton Harbor, Michigan (product: Hotpoint brand fridge-freezer)

For more information on the Public Inquiry visit Members of the legal team will not be conducting interviews or issuing any additional statements on the report at this time. They are requesting the privacy of their clients, who continue to suffer and grieve the loss of loved ones, also be respected.

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