Young Conaway / 2019 Annual Employment Law Seminar


Young Conaway’s Labor and Employment attorneys hosted the 2019 Annual Employment Law Seminar at the Chase Center on the Riverfront today. This event draws over 200 attendees to learn about the latest developments in federal and state employment and labor law. This year’s event was comprised of both panel discussions and presentations about topics such as the ADA and FMLA, the new U.S. Department of Labor wage and hour overtime rules, and the revised EEO-1 filing requirement.

The most highly anticipated panel discussion involved a conversation about Delaware’s mandatory sexual harassment prevention training law. Under the new law—which amends the Delaware Discrimination in Employment Act—private and public employers in Delaware with 50 or more employees must provide all employees with interactive training and education on the prevention of sexual harassment, and how to address sexual harassment if it occurs.

Panelists Cerron Cade, Secretary of the Delaware Department of Labor, and Young Conaway attorneys Scott A. Holt and Lauren E.M. Russell focused their attention on the various requirements for the state’s sexual harassment prevention training programs. These programs must now cover topics such as (1) the illegality of sexual harassment; (2) the definition of sexual harassment, with examples; (3) a description of the legal remedies and complaint processes available to the employee; (4) information on how employees can contact the Delaware Department of Labor; and (5) the illegality of retaliation. Supplemental training for supervisors is also required. The biggest difference between Delaware’s mandatory sexual harassment prevention training law and those of other states is the interactive training requirement. The Secretary of Labor clarified during today’s panel discussion that all Delaware sexual harassment prevention training programs must provide employees with the opportunity to have their questions addressed live during the program, or immediately thereafter.

Employers must now identify how they will implement Delaware’s new anti-harassment training requirements, especially the interactive component, which is often missing from standard “check the box” sexual harassment training programs. Live interactive training programs can also be costly and difficult to schedule for employers with employees at multiple locations or on several shifts.

Introducing Young Conaway’s Sexual Harassment Prevention Training Webinar

Young Conaway now offers an interactive harassment prevention training webinar which complies with Delaware’s requirement for harassment prevention education. The firm’s webinar platform provides employers with a practical, cost-effective harassment prevention training alternative that can be conveniently viewed by employees and supervisors anywhere in the organization. The program is presented by renowned employment law attorneys who have been providing interactive workplace training for over 30 years.

To learn more about Young Conaway’s innovative Harassment Prevention Training Services, please contact us: by email: or by telephone: 302.571.6674.

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