Why SUMO Heavy, a New York-based Ecommerce Shop, Moved Back to Philly

The 2,000-square-foot office that used to house now-shuttered dev shop Interactive Mechanics has new tenants: Philly-born ecommerce company SUMO Heavy, which just ditched its New York space to relocate in the heart of Old City.

The company, which got its start in Philly in 2010 but relocated to the 67th ward in 2012, has a staff of 15 — six of whom are based out of Philly, with others still in New York and Poland.

Cofounder and CEO Bart Mroz says the story of the return to goes like this: His business partner, Robert Brodie, first moved to New York after his wife landed a job there. Thus a mass migration began north. Over time, though, a combination of personal reasons, nostalgia and Philly’s comparative affordability landed the organization back in town.


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