Integrated Ventures Secures 7.0 Million


Integrated Ventures, Inc, is pleased to confirm that on 02/18/21, the Company has executed $7.0 million Preferred Equity Investment Agreement with BHP Capital NY, Inc.

As of 02/23/21, INTV has received a funding in amount of $3.0 million and plans to purchase 1000+ miners, manufactured by Canaan and MicroBT.

Due to terms of this capital raise, the Company has canceled all outstanding Preferred Class C shares, originally registered on 01/18/21. Under terms of this new funding agreement, BHP Capital NY, Inc will have a right to purchase up to 4,000 of newly registered Preferred Class D shares, valued at $1,000 and convertible at fixed price into common shares. In addition, the Company had issued BHP Capital NY, Inc, five year warrants, priced at 0.60 cents, with right to convert into common shares. If exercised, the Company will receive an additional investment, in the amount of $3.0 million.

The Company plans to issue Form 8K by 02/26/21, with an additional details, regarding this investment.

Steve Rubakh, CEO of Integrated Ventures, adds the following commentary: "We would like to thank BHP Capital NY, Inc for continuing support. Our mining business is currently generating daily revenues (based market pricing of BTC and ETH), ranging between $9,000 and $9,500, which equates to annual revenues, in amount of $3.2+ million, with margins above 65%."

About: Integrated Ventures, Inc is Technology Portfolio Holdings Company with focus on Hosting, Development Of Blockchain Applications and Cryptocurrency Mining.

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