This Startup That Wants to Prevent Mass Shootings Raised a $5M Seed Round

Since schools have sat mostly vacant since last March, when the pandemic forced students to learn from home virtually, video analytics company ZeroEyes has had time to apply its AI to a handful of other situations.

The veteran-run company founded in 2018 initially had school settings in mind when it created its artificial intelligence tool that predicts potential threats with a goal of preventing mass shooter situations from escalating. An average response time for a mass shooter situation in 2019 was between 12 and 15 minutes, according to the company, and its technology aims to curb that by detecting weapons in real time.

“The cofounders were just sick of seeing headlines where kids got killed or people in an office building got killed,” Kieran Carroll, ZeroEyes’ VP of enterprise strategy and government affairs, told us last February. “When we were in the military, we would have loved to have a tool like this.”


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