Timeshifter Raises $2M in Funding


Timeshifter, a NYC-based circadian science company known for a jet lag app, raised $2m in funding.

The company, which has raised $3m so far, intends to use the funds to launch a new app for shift workers later this year.

Investors include former NASA Astronaut, Captain Michael López-Alegría, Chief Medical Officer and Lead Flight Surgeon for Axiom Space, Dr. Smith Johnston, Chairman of Air Canada, Vagn Sørensen, and entrepreneur and endurance GT car racer, John Shoffner.

Led by Mickey Beyer-Clausen, CEO, Timeshifter plans to solve the multiple billion-dollar problems caused by the mistiming of the circadian clock. The circadian clock controls almost every biological system in bodies — from sleep-wake cycle and mood and performance patterns to metabolic, immune, and reproductive systems.

Timeshifter’s new app is a tool intended to be used by the shift workers, regardless of their given work schedule. When a shift worker imports their schedule and enter their sleep pattern, chronotype, and personal preferences, the app will provide personalized advice to tackle the underlying problem of circadian and sleep disruption, and increase their safety and productivity while improving their quality of life.

Both the jet lag app and new shift work app are being developed with Harvard Medical School Associate Professor Steven Lockley, Ph.D. who is a renowned expert in circadian rhythms and sleep, and has provided shift work solutions to NASA’s Mission Control and Formula 1 teams working overnight.

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