Zip Code Wilmington Receives Funding From New Castle County To Launch First-Of-Its-Kind ‘Techpreneur’ Incubator Program


Innovation Grant Creates New Opportunities for Job Seekers and Local Businesses Affected by the COVID-19 Pandemic

Zip Code Wilmington, a nationally recognized, nonprofit coding school in Wilmington, D.E., today announced that it received funding through the New Castle County Innovation Grant. The award will create two new initiatives for the nonprofit coding school—TECHPRENEUR Incubator Pilot and Certification Trainer program—as well as funds available for scholarships. The goals of the grant are two-fold, to help businesses solve challenges resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic and expand technical and business training for those in the region who are looking to reskill or upskill in the technical field.

“We are thrilled to receive funding from New Castle County to help infuse the Delaware community with technology skills and business acumen that are much needed as we all navigate the future during the current pandemic,” said Desa Burton, executive director of Zip Code Wilmington. “The funding from the Innovation Grant creates opportunities for those who experienced layoffs, closings and reduced profits due to COVID-19. Our TECHPRENEUR Incubator Pilot program is a great example, as it’s the first and only incubator in the area to offer coding, coupled with entrepreneurship and opportunities for individuals to start their own tech businesses right here in Delaware.”

TECHPRENEUR Incubator Pilot and Java Certification Program

A fresh approach to traditional incubator MBA courses, the TECHPRENEUR Incubator Pilot program provides training focused on creating tech entrepreneurships and business development. The program supports nascent efforts to build tech businesses and jobs through Zip Code Wilmington’s coding curriculum, while learning the fundamental tools of business development. At the end of the program, the cohort will have the unique opportunity to pitch their business to potential investors during events coordinated by Zip Code Wilmington. Due to Zip Code Wilmington’s unique connections to local businesses, students will also be introduced to key figures at some of the largest financial, tech and media companies in the United States who can provide mentorship and guidance to these young entrepreneurs.

For Zip Code Wilmington alumni who graduated during the global pandemic, the school is offering a Java SE 8 Programmer I certification exam program by providing free training and covering the cost of the exam. Through this certification, individuals will improve their Java language skills while differentiating themselves from other programmers who do not possess this credential. This industry-recognized certification will give these job seekers an upper hand as they work toward a new career in the tech field despite the economic downturn caused by COVID-19.

Scholarships for Displaced Workers Entering Tech

COVID-19 has displaced many workers, some still out of jobs. In the September Bureau of Labor Statistics report, Delaware ranked 38th among the 50 states with an 8.2 percent jobless rate. To help lower this statistic, Zip Code Wilmington is awarding training scholarships to select students who received unemployment benefits between March and October 2020, who may be 200 percent below the poverty line, or have been laid off from impacted industries, such as the restaurant and hospitality industries. This scholarship will give those displaced because of the pandemic the opportunity to learn programming principles and fundamentals that teach basic system integrations and analysis, so they can later apply these learnings to their industries.

In total, 33 students currently enrolled at Zip Code Wilmington will benefit from the Innovation Grant. The New Castle County Innovation Grant is an effort to create new programs that will increase local tech jobs and opportunities while drawing talent to the region. This grant stems from the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act, signed into law in March 2020.

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About Zip Code Wilmington

Zip Code Wilmington is a 12-week coding bootcamp in Delaware that gives students the technical, interpersonal and leadership skills needed to secure a competitive developer job and increase their earning potential. Zip Code Wilmington’s program prepares its students to become highly qualified and trained technology talent, while connecting students with corporate partners throughout the program. Founded in 2015 by Benjamin duPont (Co-founder), the program has more than 400 alumni. To learn more about Zip Code Wilmington, please visit

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