DLA Piper Lawyers and Practices Ranked in Latest Chambers Edition


DLA Piper today announced that 158 of the firm's lawyers and 64 of its practices were ranked in Chambers USA's 2019 guide.

The annual rankings are based on extensive research by Chambers & Partners Publishing. Listed below are the practice rankings in their affiliated regions as well as the ranked DLA Piper lawyers.

In 2019, DLA Piper ranked in Band 1 in 12 national and regional areas of practice, including:
Corporate/M&A in Arizona
Corporate/M&A in Maryland
Franchising in Nationwide
Investment Funds: Investor Representation in Nationwide
Litigation: General Commercial in Maryland
Real Estate in the District of Columbia
Real Estate in Illinois
Real Estate in Massachusetts
Real Estate in Northern California
Real Estate: Zoning/Land Use in Illinois
Retail in Nationwide
Technology: Corporate & Commercial in Texas

DLA Piper ranked in Band 2 in:
Corporate/Commercial in Washington
Corporate/M&A: Highly Regarded in Nationwide
Corporate/M&A in New Jersey
Corporate/M&A in Northern Virginia
Intellectual Property in Northern Virginia
Intellectual Property: Trademark, Copyright & Trade Secrets in the District of Columbia
IT & Outsourcing: Transactions in California
Insurance: Transactional & Regulatory in Illinois
Privacy & Data Security in Nationwide
Retail: Corporate & Transactional in Nationwide
Sports Law in Nationwide
Telecom, Broadcast & Satellite in the District of Columbia
Venture Capital in California

DLA Piper ranked in Band 3 in:
Bankruptcy Restructuring in Delaware
Bankruptcy/Restructuring in Illinois
Construction in Georgia
Corporate/M&A in Georgia
Corporate/M&A & Private Equity in the District of Columbia
Government Relations in Nationwide
Healthcare in Florida
Intellectual Property in California
Intellectual Property in Illinois
Intellectual Property in Nationwide
Leisure & Hospitality in Nationwide
Life Sciences in California
Litigation: General Commercial in Washington
Litigation: General Commercial: Highly Regarded in New York
Product Liability & Mass Torts in Nationwide
Real Estate in Greater Miami
Real Estate in Maryland
Real Estate in Nationwide
Real Estate in Southern California
Real Estate in Texas
Real Estate: Mainly Dirt in New York
Startups & Emerging Companies in Nationwide
Tax in Massachusetts
Tax in Northern California
Technology & Outsourcing in Illinois

DLA Piper ranked in Band 4 in:
Corporate/M&A in Massachusetts
Corporate/M&A: Highly Regarded in New York
Corporate/M&A & Private Equity in Illinois
Intellectual Property in Texas
International Trade: Intellectual Property (Section 337) in Nationwide
Life Sciences in Nationwide
Litigation: Securities in California
Outsourcing in Nationwide
REITs in Nationwide
Real Estate: Mainly Corporate & Finance in New York
Tax: Controversy in Nationwide

DLA Piper ranked in Band 5 in:
Corporate/M&A in Northern California
Litigation: General Commercial in California
Litigation: General Commercial in Illinois

AND DLA Piper as a Recognized Practitioner:
Capital Markets: Securitisation in Nationwide
Corporate/M&A in Texas
Corporate/M&A & Private Equity in Florida
Corporate/M&A & Private Equity in Philadelphia & Surrounds
Environment in New York
Food & Beverages: Regulatory & Litigation in Nationwide
Insurance: Dispute Resolution: Insurer in New York
Labor and Employment in California
Labor and Employment in New York
Tax in New York

Ranked Individual Lawyers

The 158 individual DLA Piper lawyer rankings cited by Chambers USA are listed below, along with the regions and areas of law for which they were selected.

Alexander Tuneski, Franchising
Alva Mather, Food & Beverages: Alcohol
Andrew Peck, Litigation: eDiscovery
Barry Heller, Franchising
Benjamin Mulcahy, Advertising: Transactional & Regulatory
Bret Lowell, Franchising
David Parrish, Investment Funds: Investor Representation
David Sager, Franchising
Ellis Reemer, Tax Controversy
Erik Wulff, Franchising
Eugene Pinover, Real Estate
Frederick Klein, Real Estate
Gregory Smith, Projects
Jack Langlois, Energy: Oil & Gas (Transactional)
James Blanchard, Government Relations
James Halpert, Privacy & Data Security
Jay Epstien, Real Estate
John Merrigan, Government Relations
Joseph Sheyka, Franchising
Kerry Johnson, REITs
Lisa Haile, Life Sciences: IP/Patent Litigation
Loren Brown, Product Liability & Mass Torts
Lynn Cadwalader, Leisure & Hospitality
Mark Fowler, International Trade: Intellectual Property (Section 337)
Mark Whitaker, Sports Law
Matthew Holian, Product Liability & Mass Torts
Nicole Brennig, Investment Funds: Investor Representation
Norman Leon, Franchising
Philip Svahn, Investment Funds: Investor Representation
Peter White, Sports Law
Philip Zeidman, Franchising
Richard Cardillo, Investment Funds: Investor Representation
Richard Greenstein, Franchising
Richard Morey, Franchising
Richard Rector, Government Contracts
Robert Bergdolt, REITs
Robert LeDuc, REITs: Tax
Sandra Kellman, Leisure & Hospitality
Sara Stinnett, Investment Funds: Investor Representation
Stuart Hershman, Franchising
Tao Xu, Franchising
Vincent Sanchez, Outsourcing
William Minor, Political Law

David Lewis, Corporate/M&A
Greg Hall, Corporate/M&A
Mark Nadeau, Litigation: General Commercial
Stephanie King, Corporate/M&A
Steven Pidgeon, Corporate/M&A

Bradley Gersich, Venture Capital
Curtis Mo, Venture Capital
Jerold Neuman, Real Estate: Zoning/Land Use
Joel Athey, Litigation: White Collar Crime & Government Investigations
John Allcock, Intellectual Property: Patent
Lisa Haile, Intellectual Property: Patent Prosecution and Life Sciences: IP/Patent Litigation
Lisa Tenorio-Kutzkey, Antitrust
Mark Fowler, Intellectual Property: Patent
Mark Lehberg, IT & Outsourcing: Transactions
Mark Radcliffe, IT & Outsourcing: Transactions
Michael Garfinkel, Media & Entertainment: Litigation
Randy Socol, Venture Capital
Sean Cunningham, Intellectual Property: Patent
Shirli Fabbri Weiss, Litigation: Securities
Victoria Lee, IT & Outsourcing: Transactions

Craig Martin, Bankruptcy Restructuring
Denise Kraft, Intellectual Property
John Reed, Chancery
Stuart Brown, Bankruptcy Restructuring

District of Columbia
Ann Ford, Intellectual Property: Trademark, Copyright & Trade Secrets
Frederick Klein, Real Estate
Jay Epstien, Real Estate
Jeffrey Houle, Corporate/M&A & Private Equity
John Beahn, Telecom, Broadcast & Satellite
Joseph Lavelle, Intellectual Property: Litigation
Mary Elizabeth Gately, Litigation: General Commercial
Michael Senkowski, Telecom, Broadcast & Satellite
Nancy Victory, Telecom, Broadcast & Satellite
Peter Karanjia, Telecom, Broadcast & Satellite
Richard Marks, Corporate/M&A & Private Equity
Sarah Kahn, Corporate/M&A & Private Equity

Craig Rasile, Bankruptcy/Restructuring
Joshua Kaye, Healthcare
Michael Silva, Tax
Ryan O’Quinn, Litigation: White-Collar Crime & Government Investigations

Frank Layson, Corporate/M&A
Joseph Silver, Corporate/M&A
Maxine Hicks, Real Estate
Robert Crewdson, Construction
Steven Park, Intellectual Property

Greater Miami
Michael Bedke, Real Estate

Andrew Weil, Corporate/M&A
David Mendelsohn, Insurance: Transactional & Regulatory
John Lyons, Bankruptcy/Restructuring
Keith Medansky, Intellectual Property
Mark Feldman, Intellectual Property
Neal Aizenstein, Corporate/M&A
Richard Chesley, Bankruptcy/Restructuring
Richard Klawiter, Real Estate: Zoning/Land Use
Robby Robertson, Antitrust
Robert Davis, Corporate/M&A: Private Equity
Stephen Schwab, Insurance: Transactional & Regulatory
Theodore Novak, Real Estate: Zoning/Land Use
Vincent Sanchez, Technology & Outsourcing

Brett Ingerman, Litigation: General Commercial
Charles Scheeler, Litigation: General Commercial
David Chalk, Corporate/M&A
Guy Flynn, Real Estate
James Mathias, Litigation: General Commercial
Jay Smith Jr, Corporate/M&A
Matthew Gorra, Corporate/M&A
Richard Kremen, Bankruptcy/Restructuring
Richard Levine, Real Estate
Robert Mathias, Litigation: General Commercial

Francis Feeney, Corporate/M&A
Itai Nevo, Private Equity: Venture Capital Investment
John Rattigan Jr, Real Estate
John Sullivan, Real Estate
Michael Hardgrove, Tax
Richard Rudman, Real Estate
Ryan Starr, Tax

New Jersey
Andrew Gilbert, Corporate/M&A
David Schwartz, Corporate/M&A
Emilio Ragosa, Corporate/M&A
Michael Helmer, Corporate/M&A

New York
Aidan McCormack, Insurance: Dispute Resolution: Insurer
Chris Smith, Real Estate: Mainly Dirt
David Luce, Insurance: Transactional & Regulatory
Drew Wintringham, Intellectual Property: Patent
Eugene Pinover, Real Estate: Corporate and Real Estate: Mainly Dirt
Jeffrey Salinger, Environment: Mainly Transactional
John Hillebrecht, Litigation: White-Collar Crime & Government Investigations
Martin Polevoy, Real Estate: Mainly Dirt
Robert Alessi, Environment
Thomas Califano, Bankruptcy/Restructuring

Northern California
James Anderson, Real Estate
Sang Kim, Tax
Stephen Cowan, Real Estate

Northern Virginia
Antonio Calabrese, Real Estate: Zoning/Land Use
Dale Lazar, Intellectual Property
Eric Grossman, Corporate/M&A
Jeffrey Lehrer, Corporate/M&A

Philadelphia & Surrounds
Jay Coogan, Corporate/M&A & Private Equity
Lisa Jacobs, Corporate/M&A & Private Equity

Southern California
Michael Hamilton, Real Estate
Michael Meyer, Real Estate

Jason Lewis, Litigation: White-Collar Crime and Government Investigations
John Gilluly, Technology: Corporate & Commercial
John Guaragna, Intellectual Property
Marc Katz, Labor and Employment
Philip Russell, Technology: Corporate & Commercial
Sam Zabaneh, Technology: Corporate & Commercial

Anthony Todaro, Litigation: General Commercial
John Steel, Corporate/Commercial
Michael Hutchings, Corporate/Commercial
Stellman Keehnel, Litigation: General Commercial
Steven Yentzer, Corporate/Commercial
Trenton Dykes, Corporate/Commercial
Tyler Hollenbeck, Corporate/Commercial

Recognized Practitioners
Brian Kaplan, New York Labor & Employment
Ellis Reemer, New York Tax
Geoffrey Howell, Massachusetts Real Estate
Jack Langlois, Texas Corporate/M&A
Joseph Guarino, New Jersey Labor & Employment
Joshua Kaye, Nationwide Healthcare: Transactional
Louis Lehot, Northern California Corporate/M&A
Mark Friedman, Maryland Bankruptcy/Restructuring
Matthew VanderGoot, Northern Virginia Corporate/M&A
Prakash Paran, New York Insurance: Transactional & Regulatory
Randy Socol, Nationwide Startups & Emerging Companies and Southern California Corporate/M&A
Thomas Hendershot, Northern Virginia Corporate/M&A

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