NGKF Sponsored CEO Interviews


Ted White
President and CEO of Verrica Pharmaceuticals
Ted White is President and CEO of Verrica Pharmaceuticals, a late-stage biopharmaceutical company. Headquartered in West Chester, Pennsylvania, Verrica is committed to the development and commercialization of novel medical dermatology treatments.

Rodger Levenson
CEO at WSFS Bank
Rodger Levenson is CEO at WSFS Bank. As the oldest locally-managed bank in the Delaware Valley, WSFS carries forward a 180-year-plus legacy of outstanding financial services for its community. The bank offers individuals and businesses access to commercial banking

Kurt Foreman
President and CEO at Delaware Prosperity Partnership
Kurt Foreman is President and CEO at Delaware Prosperity Partnership (DPP). Launched in 2017, DPP acts as the lead economic development resource for entrepreneurs, employers, and emerging businesses in Delaware. The nonprofit organization is dedicated to building

Ron Ebert
President of MRG
Ron Ebert is the president of the Madison Risk Group, a construction insurance brokerage in the Philadelphia area. Established in 2013, MRG provides mid-market construction firms (contractors with annual revenues of up to $250–300 million) with cost-effective and flexible

Jeff Lipson
CEO at Layer 8 Security
Jeffrey Lipson serves as CEO at Layer 8 Security, a cybersecurity consulting, advisory, and technical services company. From risk management and assessments to staffing, training, monitoring, and incident response, Layer 8 Security helps clients meet rigorous and evolving

Lisa DeNight
Newmark Knight Frank

Lisa DeNight joined Newmark Knight Frank in 2019 as the research manager for the Greater Philadelphia region. In this role, Ms. DeNight oversees statistical data collection and analysis, interprets and advises on economic and real estate trends, and drives thought leadership

Nick Ciccarelli
President of Neuma, LLC
Nick Ciccarelli is the president of Neuma, LLC a medical device engineering company based in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania. With a primary focus on drug delivery devices, Neuma is dedicated to helping pharmaceutical and medical technology companies accelerate the

David Rose
President of Brio
David Rose is the president and one of the founding partners of Brio, a boutique software firm that helps companies attain a return on innovation. The firm leverages technology to ensure clients operate better, achieve greater profit, change faster, and reach their customers

Kerry Haber
President of Bernardon
Kerry Haber is the president of Bernardon. Bernardon provides architecture, interior design, and landscape architecture services with offices in West Chester, PA; Philadelphia, PA; and Wilmington, DE. The firm has worked on numerous multimillion-dollar projects 

Chris DiPaolo
President and Founder of  PROTECS
MChris DiPaolo is the president and founder of PROTECS, a full-service design-build project and construction management firm. Headquartered in Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania, PROTECS focuses on serving private and public clients

Mark Butler
President and Managing Director of the Americas at IPS
Mark Butler is the president and managing director of the Americas at IPS—Integrated Project Services, LLC. With offices around the world, IPS is a global, full-service engineering and design firm that specializes in complex, cutting-edge projects in highly

Tony Frick
President and CEO of GlobalFit
Tony Frick is the president and CEO of GlobalFit, a health and wellness technology company based in Philadelphia, PA. Since 1992, GlobalFit has worked with fitness companies and insurers to promote healthy, happy, and productive workforces. Today, in addition to its

Paula Swain
EVP of Human Resources at Incyte Corporation
Paula Swain is Executive Vice President of Human Resources at Incyte Corporation, a pharmaceutical company based in Wilmington, Delaware. Founded in Palo Alto, California in 1991, Incyte has grown into a $1.5 billion firm that employs hundreds of people and serves

Ryan Simonetti
CEO of Convene
Ryan Simonetti is the co-founder and CEO of Convene. Founded in 2009, Convene aims to transform the way people meet and work together—by partnering with landlords to design, build, and operate a premium network of meeting and event facilities, flexible workspaces,

William Provine
CEO of the Delaware Innovation Space
William Provine is CEO of the Delaware Innovation Space, a not-for-profit business incubator based in Wilmington. Developed in partnership with DuPont, the State of Delaware, and the University of Delaware, the Delaware Innovation Space seeks to fuel science and technology 

Scott Applebaum
President of Context Therapeutics
Scott Applebaum is the president of Context Therapeutics, a biopharmaceutical company based in Philadelphia, PA. Founded in 215, Context is dedicated to discovering, acquiring, and developing medicines for patients with breast, prostate, ovarian, and other hormone-driven 

Dr. Donald Guy Generals
President of Community College of Philadelphia
Dr. Donald Guy Generals is the president of the Community College of Philadelphia, an open-admission institution in Philadelphia, PA. Established in 1965, the college is the largest public higher education institution of in the state, and has helped nearly 700,000 Philadelphia 

Brian Coyle
President and CEO of the Henderson Group
Brian Coyle is the president and CEO of the Henderson Group, a commercial real estate development company based in Media, Pennsylvania. Founded nearly 100 years ago, the company has earned a reputation as a go-to partner for businesses seeking workplace

Raavi Iqbal
Co-founder and CEO of SocialLadder
Raavi Iqbal is the co-founder and CEO of SocialLadder. Launched in 2014, SocialLadder is a mobile peer-to-peer marketing platform designed to help live event promoters build hype and sell more tickets by growing their networks of brand ambassadors and social influencers.

Chris Cashman
Chairman and CEO of Marinus Pharmaceuticals
Chris Cashman is Chairman and CEO of Marinus Pharmaceuticals. As a clinical stage biopharmaceutical company, Marinus Pharmaceuticals is dedicated to improving the lives of people suffering from neuropsychiatric disorders such as seizures and depression. 

Anthony Gold
Co-founder and COO of ROAR for Good
Anthony Gold is the co-founder and COO of ROAR for Good. ROAR for Good started after Yasmine Mustafa, the company’s co-founder and CEO, heard numerous stories of violence against women and resolved to make the world a safer place

Deb D’Arcangelo
CEO of Council for Relationships
Deb D'Arcangelo is the CEO of Council for Relationships, a nonprofit organization that provides individual, couple, and family therapy to people throughout the greater Philadelphia area. The group currently encompasses more than 60 therapists and psychiatrists ...

Sam Wolf
Founder and Chief Wellness Spreader of LuckyVitamin
Sam Wolf is the founder and “Chief Wellness Spreader” of LuckyVitamin, an online retailer of health, wellness, bath, and beauty products. The company’s origins date back to 1956, when Sam’s grandfather Ed Wolf opened a pharmacy outside of Philadelphia. Driven by ...

Ron Schlecht
Founder and Managing Partner of BTB Security
Ron Schlecht is the founder and managing partner of BTB Security, an information security company headquartered in Bala Cynwyd, PA, with offices in Chicago, IL, and Austin, TX. Through a comprehensive approach that goes beyond the basics—the meaning ...

Todd Carmichael
Co-founder and CEO of La Colombe
Todd Carmichael is the co-founder and CEO of La Colombe Coffee Roasters, a coffee chain headquartered in Philadelphia. Todd and La Colombe president JB Iberti founded the company in 1994, on a mission to bring better coffee to the United States through ...

Michael Crincoli
President of The Neat Company
Michael Crincoli is president of The Neat Company. Headquartered in Philadelphia, Neat is dedicated to helping its customers become more organized so they can gain control over their documents, work more efficiently, and save time. The company’s scanners ...

Mark Turner
Chairman, President, and CEO of WSFS Bank
Mark Turner is the chairman, president, and CEO of WSFS Bank. Founded in 1832, WSFS Bank is the oldest and largest locally managed financial services company in the Delaware Valley, and one of the oldest banks in the United States. Today, the bank is worth ...

Alan Kaplan
CEO and Founder of Kaplan Partners
Alan Kaplan is the CEO and founder of Kaplan Partners. Established in 1994 in Philadelphia, Kaplan Partners is a retained executive search and talent advisory firm that helps organizations fulfill critical roles and meet evolving leadership requirements ...

Jonathan Kraus
President of Philadelphia Mortgage Advisors
Jonathan Kraus is the president of Philadelphia Mortgage Advisors. For over a decade, Philadelphia Mortgage Advisors has provided mortgage financing, processing, underwriting, and closing for homebuyers throughout the Delaware Valley, South Jersey, and ...

Mike Daley
CEO of OrthogenRx
Mike Daley is the CEO of OrthogenRx, a medical device company based in Doylestown, Pennsylvania. Since its incorporation in 2012, OrthogenRx has been working on developing and commercializing new treatments for musculoskeletal conditions such as ...

Bill Butler
Founder and CEO of Journey Sales
Bill Butler is the founder and CEO of Journey Sales. The company’s flagship product, Smart Rooms, allows sales representatives to create, coordinate, and collaborate on personalized sales experiences for customers. Smart Rooms are built natively in Salesforce, ...

Steve Wray
CEO of CloudMine
Steve Wray is the CEO of CloudMine. Founded in 2011, CloudMind is a HIPAA compliant data enablement platform for healthcare that removes barriers to collaboration between providers and organizations across the industry, thereby driving innovation and providing ...

Owen Druckenmiller
Managing Director of Formcraft
Owen Druckenmiller is the managing director of Formcraft, an architecture, interior design, and construction firm based in the Philadelphia region. Founded in the Greater New York area in 1985, the company moved to Pennsylvania in the 1990s and has been dedicated ever ...

Chris Cera
CEO of Arcweb Technologies
Chris Cera is CEO of Arcweb Technologies, a Philadelphia-based digital design and development firm that creates custom technology solutions for organizations in specialized industries such as healthcare, financial services, e-commerce, and transportation...

Peter Witonsky
CEO of Sun & Earth
Peter Witonsky is the president of Sun & Earth, a natural cleaning products company based in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania. From laundry detergent to kitchen wipes to hand and dish soap, Sun & Earth offers products that are non-toxic, biodegradable, certified kosher ...

Melissa Schipke
Founder and CEO of Tassl
Melissa Schipke is the founder and CEO of Tassl, a company that builds technologies centered on constituent engagement. Users of the Tassl app include higher education institutions, group coordinators, and network administrators, as well as their ...

Mike Cassidy
Co-founder of AdWap
Mike Cassidy is the co-founder of AdWap, a media platform he runs alongside his cousin, Matt Sawyer, and their friends, Jack Carey and Sherrod Davis. AdWap—an acronym for “Advertising With a Purpose”—allows individuals to give to charities and causes ...

Brian Kent
Co-founder of Laffey, Bucci & Kent
Brian Kent is a personal injury lawyer and co-founder of the law firm Laffey, Bucci & Kent. Based in Pennsylvania, Laffey, Bucci & Kent represents a wide variety of clients who may have experienced injuries as a result of factors such as an unsafe ...

Keith Scandone
Co-Founder and CEO of O3 World
Keith Scandone is the co-founder and CEO of O3 World, a digital product design and development company based in Philadelphia. As a strategic partner to its clients, O3 World provides clients with digital solutions in areas such as web and application ...

Danish Dhamani
Cofounder of Orai
Danish Dhamani, a first-time entrepreneur and Drexel University engineer, has built the Orai app, tapping artificial intelligence to help people hone their public speaking skills. “Right now Orai gives feedback on just your delivery, the mechanics ...

Chris Cumo
Co-Founder and Principal of PROXUS
Chris Cumo the co-founder and principal of PROXUS, a payroll, human resources, and benefits outsourcing and consulting firm based in Washington, PA. Founded in 2006, PROXUS started as a strategic alliance between Granatt HR and Chris’ payroll technology ...

Scott Cohen
Managing Director and Partner of Quattro
Scott Cohen is the managing director, partner, and owner of Quattro, a multi-channel marketing and advertising agency based in Berwyn, Pennsylvania. Quattro provides a full range of creative services, including direct marketing, online advertising, social...

Chris Wink
Cofounder of Technically Media
In 2009, Christopher Wink joined hands with two other fellow undergrads in starting a tech blog that has morphed into Technically Media, which today publishes local tech news and runs events networks in five U.S. cities, all on the East Coast ...

Earl Knight
CEO and Founder of GoBabl
Earl Knight is the CEO and founder of GoBabl. By utilizing geo-fencing technology, GoBabl gathers real-time, location-based, public social media data. The platform helps journalists, members of the media, marketing agencies, event coordinators, ...

Gene Nussbaum and Peter Joniec
Founders of The Jonus Group
Gene Nussbaum and Peter Joniec are the founders of The Jonus Group. Based in the Mid-Atlantic region, The Jonus Group specializes in recruiting for the insurance industry, connecting carriers, agencies, brokers, wholesalers, and other kinds of ...

Christopher Fiorentino
President of West Chester University
Dr. Christopher Fiorentino is the President of West Chester University, a public university in West Chester, Pennsylvania. Founded in 1871, WCU began as a private institute focused on pedagogy. Today, the school is one of Pennsylvania's 14 state ...

Jonathan Maxim
CEO of Vea Fitness
Vea Fitness founder Jonathan Maxim has worn many hats in the past, that of an app designer, growth hacker, digital marketer and more. Now he is summoning all that knowledge and skills to build his young startup. Headquartered in Philadelphia, Maxim’s ...

Gene Godick
Cofounder and CEO of G-Squared Partners
With over 25 years’ financial experience, many in the Big Five accounting firms, Gene Godick has raised hundreds of millions in equity and debt financing, led over 50 M&A transactions and a $56 million initial public offering. Clearly, he knows all ...

Rick Bunker
Cofounder and CEO of Prescription Advisory Systems and Technology
Over the past quarter of a century, Rick Bunker has fashioned a career in technology, software, finance and media, after initially studying Russian language and literature. Now Bunker is leveraging his software skills and a friendship with Dr. Skip ...

Shaun Buss
CFO at IBS Direct
Shaun Buss is the CFO of IBS Direct, a marketing and printing company in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania. Founded over 40 years ago, IBS Direct provides its diverse clients with high-quality campaign materials aimed at driving direct responses from ...

Cheryl Colleluori
CEO and President of the HEADstrong Foundation
Cheryl Colleluori is the CEO and president of the HEADstrong Foundation, a Pennsylvania not-for-profit charitable organization dedicated to serving families impacted by and funding research into blood cancer. The HEADstrong Foundation is named for its ...

Stephen J. Gleason
Founder of Kairos Real Estate Partners
Kairos Real Estate Partners founder Stephen J. Gleason says he took a long time before taking the plunge into entrepreneurship. But once he got in there’s never been looking back. His regional real estate company scours the commercial, residential...

Rich Caserta
Founder and CEO of Brandxpander
Rich Caserta is the founder and CEO of Brandxpander, a production agency headquartered in Philadelphia. Created to give businesses better control over their marketing and creative department costs, Brandxpander describes itself as an “agency in the ...

Dennis Murray
President of Murray Devine
Dennis Murray is the president of Murray Devine, a financial valuation advisory firm. Headquartered in Philadelphia, Murray Devine possesses decades of experience assessing companies, ventures, and transactions in various industries. The firm has participated in...

Nate Matherson
CEO and Co-Founder of LendEDU
Nate Matherson is the CEO and co-founder of LendEDU, an online platform for student debt refinancing. LendEDU allows its users to compare rates between 12 different student loan lenders, including SoFi, LendKey, iHelp, Education Success Loans, College Ave Student...

Tami Fratis
CEO of IPR International
Tami Fratis is the CEO of IPR International - the Information Protection and Recovery Company, an IT infrastructure and services company that is based in Delaware and serves clients around the world. True to its name, IPR designs application solutions meant...

Harry Griendling
CEO of DoubleStar
Harry Griendling is the founder and CEO of DoubleStar, a talent acquisition, advisory, and analytics consulting firm. Since 1993, Doublestar has helped hundreds of business attract and retain top talent in industries like healthcare, banking, pharmaceuticals, engineering...

Francine Griesing
Founder and Managing Member of Griesing Law
Francine Griesing is the founder and Managing Member of Griesing Law, a law firm based in Philadelphia. Founded in 2010, Griesing Law provides comprehensive legal services to the region’s leading government, nonprofit, and for-profit organizations—including Fortune 500...

Terry Williams
CEO of Cross X Platform and ORS Partners
Terry Williams is the founder and CEO of Cross X Platform (CXP) and its subsidiary, ORS Partners. Drawing on his 30-year career as a serial entrepreneur and venture capitalist, Terry leverages his expertise in talent acquisition and business management to help emerging...

Frank Powers
Founding Partner of Elevate Healthcare Marketing
Frank Powers is one of the founding partners of Elevate Healthcare Marketing, a multidisciplinary firm based outside of Philadelphia. Elevate Healthcare specializes in product strategy and communications for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical ...

Cassandra Bailey
President and CEO of Slice Communications
Cassandra Bailey is the president and CEO of Slice Communications, a communications agency based in Philadelphia. Slice’s business philosophy is grounded in three principles: 1. PR and social media should work together, 2. Different is better than better, and 3. People ...

Bryan Tracy
CEO of White Dog Labs and DESCA Board Chair
Bryan Tracy is the CEO and co-founder of White Dog Labs as well as board chair of the Delaware Sustainable Chemistry Alliance (DESCA). Based in New Castle, Delware, White Dog Labs is a biotechnology company that has pioneered an innovative new class...

Lori Reiner
Partner-in-Charge of EisnerAmper
Lori Reiner is the Partner-in-Charge of EisnerAmper in Philadelphia. Founded in 1965, EisnerAmper has grown into one of the largest accounting firms in the US, with offices in Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, California, Florida, and the Cayman Islands...

Michael Prinster
CEO of Romer Labs
Michael Prinster is the CEO of Romer Labs in Newark, Delaware. As the leading global supplier of diagnostic food, feed, and agricultural safety solutions, Romer Labs offers a wide range of analytical technologies that test for mycotoxins, allergens, gluten, GMO ...

Greg Star
Co-founder of Carvertise
Greg Star is the co-founder of Carvertise, a community marketing company based in Delaware that connects drivers with brands for mutual benefit. The company pairs advertisers with local car owners aiming to make supplementary income, and wraps participants’ vehicles with...

Robert Herrera
Co-Founder, The Mill Space
Robert Herrera is co-founder of The Mill, a coworking space in Wilmington, Delaware. Finished in 2015, The Mill provides working areas, fast internet connections, and other local benefits to small businesses, startups, freelancers, and remote teams. Members can ...

Rick Birkmeyer
CEO of CD Diagnostics
Rick Birkmeyer is the CEO of CD Diagnostics and a managing partner at Leading Edge Partners. An accomplished executive and entrepreneur, Dr. Birkmeyer is also the founder of Strategic Diagnostics, a biomedical firm he started in 1990 and built into a multimillion-dollar...

Scott Gamble
Regional President at BB&T Bank
Scott Gamble is regional president at BB&T Bank responsible for the Greater Delaware Valley. Throughout a history that began in the aftermath of the Civil War in 1872, the financial institution that would become Branch Banking and Trust Company—and eventually ...

Tony DiLeonardo
President of Wick Fisher White
Tony DiLeonardo is the president of Wick Fisher White, one of Philadelphia’s preeminent engineering firms. Since 1901, Wick Fisher White has been committed to providing its clients with quality, innovative, and enduring mechanical and electrical designs... 

Neil Cooper
Partner at Royer Cooper Cohen Braunfeld
Neil A. Cooper is Executive partner at Royer Cooper Cohen Braunfeld (RCCB), a Philadelphia law firm. Comprised of a diverse group of entrepreneurially minded attorneys, RCCB is dedicated to providing innovative solutions to emerging growth and middle ...

John Palumbo
CEO of HealthRight
John Palumbo is the CEO of HealthRight. With offices in Philadelphia, Tampa, and San Francisco, HealthRight offers a membership program intended to improve patients’ access to health care, as well as provide significant savings on services such as imaging, on-demand...

Steve Odell
CEO and Partner at Odell Studner
Steve Odell is the CEO of Odell Studner, a boutique insurance consulting, risk management, and insurance brokerage firm located in Radnor, Pennsylvania. Odell Studner serves clients in a variety of service areas, including cybersecurity, commercial insurance, personal ...

Wayne Kimmel
Managing Partner of SeventySix Capital
Wayne Kimmel is the Managing Partner of SeventySix Capital, a venture capital firm that invests in “passionate, smart, and nice” entrepreneurs and their innovative startup businesses. Founded in 1999, SeventySix Capital has backed over 40 consumer-facing companies ...

Allan Domb
President of Allan Domb Real Estate
Allan Domb the president of Allan Domb Real Estate, as well as a councilman at-large for the city of Philadelphia. Allan Domb Real Estate is one of Center City Philadelphia’s most influential developers, having brokered countless condominiums, apartments, ...

Mark Pasierb
President of Pitcairn Properties
Mark Pasierb is the president of Pitcairn Properties, a position he has held for 11 years. Starting in 1968, Pitcairn Properties has managed and developed real estate properties on behalf of institutional partners around the world. The firm’s $1 billion portfolio ...

Jay Silverstein
CEO of Picwell
Jay Silverstein is the CEO of Picwell, a healthcare startup dedicated to simplifying employees’ healthcare choices. Based in Philadelphia, PA, Picwell uses predictive, statistical algorithms that analyze nearly a million variables and are tailored to individual consumers’...

Adam Landau
CEO of Permit Capital Advisors
Adam Landau is the CEO of Permit Capital Advisors, an independent investment advisory firm headquartered in suburban Philadelphia. For almost 20 years, five of them at Permit, Adam has helped institutions and high net worth individuals meet their investment goals through a...

Charlie Bernier
President of ECBM
Charles Bernier is the president of ECBM, an insurance brokerage firm headquartered in the Philadelphia region. Since 1970, the firm has provided risk management consulting services and insurance solutions to regional businesses, with an emphasis on building lasting...

Ron Rock
CEO of Point.IO, The Philly Tech Ecosystem
Ron Rock is the CEO and founder of, headquartered in Philadelphia, PA. offers customizable, pre-made solutions that allow enterprises to build moble-ready apps easily and efficiently. The company provides a comprehensive app creation and ...

William Glazer
President and CEO of Keystone Property Group
William Glazer is the president and CEO of Keystone Property Group. Originally founded as a real estate brokerage firm, Keystone has had iterations an investment firm as well as a development company. Since 2003, the organization has acted as a real estate private...

Marc Brownstein
CEO of Brownstein Group
Marc Brownstein is the president and CEO of the Brownstein Group. Headquartered in Philadelphia, the Brownstein Group is a marketing agency that specializes in branding, advertising, and public relations. The company was founded in 1964 by Marc’s father, ...

Brendan McCorkle
CEO of CloudMine
Brendan McCorkle is the CEO of CloudMine. Headquartered in Philadelphia, with offices in Boston and San Francisco, CloudMine aims to reduce the complexity of backend development for enterprises everywhere. The platform emphasizes mobile performance as well as ...

Kevin O’Nell
CEO of PeopleLinx
Kevin O’Nell is the CEO of PeopleLinx, a Philadelphia-based startup that drives social selling behaviors. PeopleLinx helps salespeople understand, navigate, and win customers through social networks such as Twitter and Facebook. The company’s technology incorporates...

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