Labor 411 Headed to Philadelphia for DNC


Ethical Consumer Movement to participate in first Labor Caucus, Promote #BuyBlue

The Ethical Consumer Movement is headed to Philadelphia this July 25-28 to participate in the Democratic National Convention and recruit 50,000 liberal, politically astute convention goers to join the cause. Labor 411’s missionis to educate and empower consumers to use their spending power to strengthen the middle class. Through its #BuyBlue campaign, Labor 411makes it simple: By spending money on products and services from employers that treat and pay their employees fairly, consumers are doing their part to save and create good American jobs. Think Blue, Vote Blue, Buy Blue.

In addition to attending the DNC, Labor 411 is also participating in the convention’s first-ever Labor Caucus.

“Consumers have tremendous power,” says Cherri Senders, president of Labor 411. “Labor 411 works to harness this power to encourage the creation and protection of good jobs in the U.S. We are thrilled to be attending the Democratic National Convention and participating in the first-ever DNC Labor Caucus to advance the conversation on a national scale.”

Ethical consumers are building the middle class and sustaining economic growth, reducing economic inequality, strengthening local communities, ensuring the safe retirement of older Americans, protecting the safety of workers in the workplace, and creating more of a demand for high-quality goods and services. Good jobs are good for everybody. When everybody has a good job, entire communities benefit. When entire communities benefit, America benefits.

“We invite all conventioneers to stop by our table, pick up our guides and learn more about the power of a consumer to make a difference,” Senders says.

Founded in 2008, Labor 411’s print and online guides now include more than 10,000 listings covering hotels, restaurants, retail outlets and other businesses in four of the nation’s top consumer markets: Los Angeles, Philadelphia, San Francisco and Washington, D.C. Labor 411’s website (, allows consumers to target where their shopping dollars can support living-wage companies and their communities and avoid retailers that do not treat their workers well.


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