A Video Conversation with Marc Brownstein, President and CEO of the Brownstein Group - Interviewed by Jeff Mack

Marc Brownstein

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One family, fifty years of branding, advertising, and PR

Marc Brownstein is the president and CEO of the Brownstein Group. Headquartered in Philadelphia, the Brownstein Group is a marketing agency that specializes in branding, advertising, and public relations. The company was founded in 1964 by Marc’s father, Berny, with Marc joining the firm in 1989 as executive creative director. BG’s clients include IKEA, eBay, ESPN, and Comcast, as well as local organizations such as the Philadelphia Auto Show, DesignPhiladelphia, and Philadelphia Federal Credit Union. Marc serves on the boards of directors for the American Association of Advertising Agencies, the Young Presidents' Organization, the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, YMCA of Greater Philadelphia, and many more. He’s also a frequent industry speaker, and his writing regularly appears in Advertising Age.

Marc spoke with Jeff Mack of Newmark Grubb Knight Frank for this interview.

What are the advantages of running a creative firm in Philadelphia versus a bigger marketing city like New York?

MARC BROWNSTEIN: Philly is an impact town. It’s easier to make an impact in Philadelphia than it is in New York City. I mean, New York has Ogilvy & Mather, they have BBDO, they have J. Walter Thompson, they have all the big shops. They have 360i. We’ve got Brownstein Group. So, you can make a dent here, and it’s good to come back to your hometown where you have a base and a network, and a great place for me to raise my family.

Q. Tell us about your client strategy. Are your clients in a specific vertical or more generalized and local to a certain area?

A. They’re both. I mean, we have a concentration of clients in a 75-mile radius, but we also have clients headquartered in about 14 states. So, we have specialty verticals: we have a B2B vertical, we have a banking vertical, and an architectural, engineering, construction vertical—so, three specialty verticals within the Brownstein Group. But, our largest client is IKEA, so that’s a consumer led account.

Q. What would you consider BG’s “secret sauce?” Talent, technology?

A. So, the nice thing is that we’re a versatile group of branding experts with expertise and specialties within the agency. You know, social media monitoring tools and the tools that we were using last year are different than the tools that we are using now. We always keep our fingers on the pulse of what’s next. The tools change and evolve. We’re always looking at what’s coming up on the horizon: What’s next? What should we be exploring? What are the new tools? Staying modern and evolving is a priority at the agency. I think that’s why, 51 years in, we’re still relevant.

Q. How has social media changed marketing? It doesn’t seem like advertising has the foothold it once did. What technologies do you see dominating the next few years?

A. That’s largely where the world is going. I think you’re going to see less paid advertising in traditional ways—obviously, print, but TV advertising is just going to be slowly growing—less importance. You’re going to see more paid… I’m not going to call them “TV commercials”—we’re going to call them “commercials—”but they’re going to be online. So, when you click a link to see a video or a piece of news that you’re interested in, it’s going to have pre-roll, and that’s going to be the new TV commercial. You’re seeing a lot of it now. Sometimes you can click out of it, sometimes you can’t, but you’re going to see it all over, and it’s going to be pretty comprehensive.

We constantly reposition and look at our strategy to make sure that we are delivering the services that our clients need. We’re doubling down in data—data mining—so that we’re helping our clients understand their customers’ behavior.

Q. BG is a pretty stories agency as far as marketing firms go—how have you been able to keep up with the Internet and the changes it’s brought?

A. We were early to it. We started Fingerprint Interactive in 1999, so we were the first agency in the Philadelphia region and one of the first agencies in America to have a digital agency specializing in building sites and then marketing the sites. Clients understood, “All right, websites we get that—what do you mean marketing it?” It wasn’t until really Google became prevalent that they understood that you had to market a site, that you’re building a site for a business objective: whether to generate leads or a database or to influence, or whatever the business objective was.

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